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Adolescent Growth Details How Its Unique Approach to Treatment Produces Results


PASADENA, Calif. — Not all youth treatment programs are created equal, as Adolescent Growth is making clear with a new public awareness campaign. For over ten years, the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Excellence holder has transformed the lives of young people for the better through a unique, holistic approach. From substance abuse and eating disorders to depression, anxiety, and co-occurring issues, Adolescent Growth has helped more than 1,000 adolescents overcome their challenges and live life to the fullest. With a new campaign now ongoing, Adolescent Growth will help the general public understand how its proven, distinctive take on treatment consistently delivers the kinds of results that young people and their families need and deserve.

“We’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished over the years, as well as our unique approach to the treatment of some truly challenging disorders and patterns of behavior,” said Adolescent Growth Director of Admissions Katherine Fleischacker, “Just about every young person encounters plenty of challenges while growing and maturing through adolescence, but some face especially formidable ones. For over a decade, our holistic, personalized approach to treatment has been helping adolescents overcome many of the toughest challenges of all. We think our new public awareness campaign is going to open many eyes as to how much hope there is for every young person.”

While some adults dismissively come to think of childhood and adolescence as carefree periods where responsibilities and other burdens have yet to become an issue, the reality is often something else entirely. Anywhere from one-third to nearly six in ten American adolescent girls, for example, struggle with either full-fledged eating disorders or dangerous dietary behaviors, with many suffering real harm as a result.

The same general idea holds for a range of other disorders that are sometimes thought of as mostly affecting adults. Substance abuse, anxiety, depression, and other problems plague a great many adolescents today, for example, and they can be every bit as destructive as when they manifest in adults.

Since 2005, Adolescent Growth has employed a unique, carefully designed approach to giving adolescents the treatment and support they deserve. With a Gold Seal of Excellence from the highly respected Joint Commission, the organization maintains three facilities, two in California and one in Illinois, where adolescents can come for holistic treatment that is tailored to each individual’s specific, particular needs.

Thanks to the power of this special approach to treatment, Adolescent Growth has been able to help more than 1,000 young people recover and heal in the decade since its founding. With many of the organization’s services being covered by most major insurers, Adolescent Growth has proved to be as accessible as it is effective, as well. As the new Adolescent Growth public awareness campaign continues, those interested in learning more about the group’s unique approach can do so at and

About Adolescent Growth:
With a unique, holistic approach to treatment that has enabled hope, healing, and recovery for over 1,000 boys and girls, Adolescent Growth has carried the Joint Commission’s prestigious Gold Seal of Excellence since its founding in 2005.

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Important Facts About Forskolin Extract

Forskolin comes from the mint family and is considered as a natural supplement. The Forskolin is basically grown in countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka , and Thailand. Over the years, the Forskolin extract has been considered a very good supplement for weight loss. This supplement is a must try for those people that want to lose their belly fats. This supplement has many losses aside from making you slim. It is said that is also used for ailments like asthma and heart disease.

Now let us discuss how does Forskolin work. You will lose weight with Forskolin it is because it regulates the cell using cAMP. It is the adipose tissue and the fats that made up of fatty acids. The fatty acids within your body will be removed by Forskolin. The fats will be turned into energy by activating the body’s metabolic process. Weight loss will definitely happen it is because the fats have been broken down. The formation of fatty acids is also reduced with the help of Forskolin. This will then result in the maintaining your slim figure.

Forskolin can now be seen in many products in the market. Itbis important that you take 25-300mg of Forskolin in order to achieve the weight loss that you want. It is better of you buy products that have 10% or more of the extract. depending on your reaction to the supplement is also the result of the weight loss that you will get. There is one better product in the market today that can burn fats better than Forskolin.

To be effective in weight loss, the right dosage of Forskolin has been researched by scientist as early as the 70’s Women who took 25mg of the extract has been seen to decrease an average of 10 pounds. If the extract will be taken at 250mg, there will be a decrease in body weight as well as an increase in bone and muscle mass.

Now let us discuss how safe Forskolin is. The extract is very safe. The side effects of the extract can be considered as very minimal. Due to the may health benefits of the product, it is been supported by both scientists and doctors alike. The extract can really work wonders by increasing the body’s ability to burn fats. The natural way is how the extract works. The same extract can also be seen in some cheap products, so you have to be careful. It is better to avoid these products as they can have ill effects. It is always better to use a good quality product in order to achieve your goal. Just a reminder that like any other supplements, it is better to consult tour doctor before taking anything.

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Supplements You Can Take for Weight Loss

There are over thousands of people today that are over weight and are trying to look for the best supplement that can help them loose their extra pounds. While exercise and diet are the two best ways to loose weight, there are other natural weigh loss supplements that are also really helpful for anyone trying to loose weight. Being obese is a serious issue because it can cause a lot of other problems and disease to arise. In America today, there are over thousands and thousands of people who are obese. I would now like to introduce you to a few of the natural weight loss supplements so you can help yourself loose a few pounds.

Garcinia cambogia extract is the first natural weight loss supplement that we are going to look at. Garcinia cambogia is a fruit that is colored green and is shaped like a pumpkin. This fruit’s extracts contain acids such as hydroxycitric acid. When you are hungry, you start craving for food; this fruit decreases your food cravings because it can increase serotonin, a hormone that decreases food cravings. You now can shy away from having any unplanned eating spree and this can really help you cut down on your food intake.

Another natural weight loss supplement is caffeine. Caffeine is common in teas, chocolate and coffee; excited yet? I am very. There are other foods that contain caffeine too and many foods today have added caffeine to them. Your metabolism is the way you burn food and use it up for energy; if you do not have a good metabolism, you can grow fat this way. Caffeine can help boost your metabolism. Fats can no longer have a chance to be stored in parts of your body you do not want them to be stored otherwise. You probably have read a few weight loss supplements containing caffeine because caffeine can really get your metabolism working double time.

Green tea extracts is the last natural weigh loss supplement we are going to study today. You will notice that a lot of weigh loss supplements have green tea extracts as part of their ingredients. The reason that green tea extracts is so popular in the weight loss world is because green tea extracts have antioxidants that actually help burn fats in your body. Green tea extracts increase norepinephrine, a hormone in your body that burns fats so you will really experience weight loss when you take these supplements. There have been many, many studies showing that green tea extracts can indeed burn fats and help you loose weight faster.

You should really try these natural weight loss supplements out and see if they do not work wonders for you.

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Supplements for Body Building It is important that body building supplements be taken by those who are bent on building their muscles. If you take body building supplements, they can supply your body with the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that it needs. These supplements burn calories and help build muscles. When you take in fat or if your body has excess fats, weight lifting is beneficial in turning these fats into lean muscles. When you are lifting weights, you need to increase your intake of food to prevent your body from feeling tired and exhausted. Eating the foods with the right nutritional value will help you gain overall health and help you build more muscles so that your body building goals will be achieved. The first body building supplement you should take as a lifter of weight is good multi-vitamins. To prevent from having vitamin deficiency, those who lift weights should get quality multi-vitamins. Lifting weights puts your body through so much strain thus requiring you to take above the standard levels of vitamin intake. When you do your workouts, your body burns food quickly and that is why you need nutritional supplements that will help meet your daily allowance.
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Another set of body building supplements you should take is one that helps gain weight. This workout burns calories fast and no matter how much you eat and how many calories you add, you will find yourself coming short. If eating can’t cope with weight gain, then it is recommended to take weight gain supplements instead to help you gain weight. Your meals should be coupled with weight gain supplements to obtain long term results.
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Body building supplements include vitamin B which most professional athletes take. Vitamin B helps improve digestion and helps in the effective absorption of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. For best long term effects, take vitamin B according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You should also take amino acid supplements. The body needs amino acids daily because they are the building blocks for all tissues in our body. You should also focus on some other important factors when it comes to body building supplements. Determine the right body building supplements to take for your personal needs, and find the right supplier of these body building supplements. Many body building supplement manufacturers are selling their products online. Your friends at the gym can be a good source of information when it comes to body building supplements. Ask them what supplements help them to achieve their goals and then shop online for these.