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Helpful Tips When Buying An Inversion Table Back pain can be a huge problem because it can hinder you from doing your daily responsibilities well. A lot of doctors will recommend inversion therapy to treat your back pain. This treatment utilizes gravity, it removes the pressure on your spine giving you relief from the pain you are feeling. The process is simple, they will use an inversion table to suspend you either partially or fully. By hanging your legs, the pressure on your spine will be reduced and you will feel a lot better after a few minutes. This treatment can even correct your bad posture. Inversion tables are available in department stores, warehouses, and even on the internet. Listed below are some important factors you must consider when buying an inversion table. 1. Determine the most effective type of inversion table for you.
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It is important to determine what kind of inversion table would best fit you in order to maximize the effects of this treatment. Because of the fact that inversion tables come in a wide array of brands, designs, and sizes, you must carefully do your research on them. It is advisable to see your physician and ask for his opinion.
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2. You must be comfortable when using it. Although the backboard of your inversion table needs to be rigid, it is important that you feel comfortable when you lie on it. This is something that you should not take for granted because you would be spending some time on this equipment. It will benefit you a lot to test the inversion table and check whether or not you are comfortable using it. 3. Choose an inversion table with good arm assists. Not all inversion tables have the same arm assists. Arm assists are very important, not only do they allow you to safely get on and off the table, it also gives you better control over it. When buying an inversion table, it is important that you are comfortable with it’s arm assists. 4. Check the ankle restraints. Just like arm assists, it is also very important that you are comfortable with the inversion table’s ankle restraints. When purchasing an inversion table, you would be presented with several options when it comes to ankle restraints, some of the following are regular ankle clamps, padded locking bars, dual foam rollers, and many others. 5. See if it has special features. A lot of inversion tables come with add-ons such as the following: heated backboards, quick and easy release arm assists, motorized-tilt backboard. It is a good idea to purchase an inversion table with add-ons and special features to get the most out of your money. Consult your physician to ensure that the entire treatment will be safe and effective.