Three Options for Dealing With a Double Chin

When it comes to dealing with a double chin, many people are lost on the subject. It sometimes seems impossible that a method would work for eliminating the double chin look and only having one seem visible. With a few options, however, the look of the double chin can actually be eliminated for good, making the face appear thinner and younger.

Do Regular Neck and Jaw Exercises

There are actually exercises that can be done that will work on the muscles around the neck and jaw. One option is to tilt the head back and open the mouth wide. Then, the bottom jaw should be raised upward. This motion should be done several times in a row to make it work. Tension will be felt along the jaw line and up the neck. This can help to eliminate the look of the double chin and tone the area.

Use Kybella Injections

Kybella is a relatively new option that allows men and women to eliminate the appearance of a double chin without surgery. It is a non-harmful option that produces much faster results than exercise. A prescription medication is injected directly underneath the chin. It works to destroy fat cells in the area, thus making the face appear thinner, with no extra chin in sight. This process typically only takes 15 minutes total, although up to six injections could have to be made before the full effect is received. One injection is given per month in this instance.

Have a Neck Lift

The final option is to have a neck lift. This is a type of cosmetic procedure that will surgically enhance the look of the neck. The skin may appear younger and wrinkle-free after this option is utilized, but it will take some time for recovery.

Also known as submental fat, a double chin drastically reduces the self esteem of many people. Using one or all of these options would ensure the fat is removed from the area and it no longer appears thick and chunky. The injections are truly recommended due to their ease of use and no recovery time.