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3 Women’s Fitness Tips for an Effective Exercise Routine The pressure to look a certain way is greater on women than it is on men. Despite the fact that you should be happy with the way you look, there’s never anything wrong with trying to better yourself. Improving your physical fitness can make you more confident to face your everyday challenges and will greatly improve your quality of life. By understanding how your body works, you can turn an otherwise difficult and time consuming process into a fast and easy one. Women’s fitness is different from men’s in a lot of ways, and by realizing these differences, you can come up with a fitness plan that’s tailored just for you. Find out what you need to know about women’s fitness with these three tips. 1. Maintain a Healthy Diet – It’s much easier to find a man with rippling muscles than a woman with clear cut muscle bulk, and for good reasons. Recent studies have found that the fat cells in women’s bodies are much bigger than mens which is why women are more likely to tip the scales of overweight and obesity. It has been recently discovered as well that the bodies of women are less efficient at fat burning, causing them to store more than they use. This is why a large chunk of women’s fitness relies on diet. Consume less than you burn to see fast results.
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2. It’s Okay to Lift – Visit any gym and the division will be clear. It’s common to find men working out with weights while the women stick to their cardio machines. What a lot of women seem to believe is that women’s fitness is solely made up of cardio routines like jogging and biking, but that’s not actually the case. In fear that they might end up looking too muscular, women have a tendency to steer clear of weight lifting when in the gym. By adjusting the weight and the number of reps and sets, a woman can leverage weights to lose more fat and burn more calories than she would had she worked the treadmill for an hour. Weight lifting can make you look lean and tight, reducing any excess skin or fat you might feel uncomfortable with.
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3. Choose Your Workout Wear – One of the things that greatly affects women’s fitness routines when in the gym is their outfit. As girls, we pay more attention to the way we look – even when we’re sweaty and tired. Wearing the right workout clothes to the gym will keep you from being conscious about the way you look, allowing you to move more confidently and freely. If you don’t feel comfortable with your clothes, you could end up cutting your session short just to be able to change your outfit.